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Eyewear Retailer ‘SEES’ Huge Payoffs

Expanding Eyewear Retailer ‘Sees’ Huge Payoffs for Using MAX Pay Global When you’re a fast-growing retail chain looking to efficiently deploy point-of-sale (POS) solutions and technologies, the last thing you want to worry about is cumbersome software installations or complicated configurations. You’re too busy growing your company and being successful, after all; you don’t have time to succumb to imperfect
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Vitamin World Adopts New Retail Payment Solution

“MAX Pay Global was the only solution we could 100% trust in terms of security and reliability… The biggest benefit was the solution’s end-to-end encryption of the credit card transactions all the way into the backend. It saved us a tremendous amount of downtime and let us complete our project on time and in scope.” – Vitamin World Full case

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