Eyewear Retailer ‘SEES’ Huge Payoffs

Expanding Eyewear Retailer ‘Sees’ Huge Payoffs for Using MAX Pay Global

When you’re a fast-growing retail chain looking to efficiently deploy point-of-sale (POS) solutions and technologies, the last thing you want to worry about is cumbersome software installations or complicated configurations. You’re too busy growing your company and being successful, after all; you don’t have time to succumb to imperfect POS systems and payment integrations that cost you money, time and resources – all of which you just don’t have.

It’s why when JINS, a popular eyewear retailer, first saw (pun intended) MAX Pay Global and what it could do for their business, they knew it would not only streamline their current POS transactions, but also enable them to deploy stores easier and faster.

Meet JINS…

Based in San Francisco, JINS is a rapidly-growing retail brand that sells designer eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women. Established in 2015, and a subsidiary of a public-owned company in Japan, JINS already has grown to four store locations in California, each of which is directly managed. They’re planning further store expansion in the near future. All JINS products are designed by expert in-house designers based in Tokyo, Japan, and sold direct to consumers at an affordable price range of $60 – $150.

Retail Life Before MAX Pay Global

Last year with their previous system, JINS was using Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSR) that were built into the POS device, which required having to collect the customer’s payment card. “We noticed that this sometimes made our customers worry about security incidents,” says Mario Arai, President of JINS. “We had no customer-facing display and so they were not able to see the payment transaction details.”

More Options, More Security with MAX Pay Global

But then JINS discovered the MAX Pay Global software, which is internationally recognized for providing true connectivity between retail management POS and ERP systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, AX2012) and multiple payment processors. In fact, the solution supports all major payment processors in more than 38 countries.

“Our MAX Pay Global deployment was in conjunction with TSYS’ Chip & PIN installation, and it enabled us to streamline the customer experience and provide complete payment transparency. Our payment transactions were also now much more reliable and secure. All of this builds consumer trust, which is so important in establishing long-term relationships,” says Mario.

A key reason why Mario chose MAX Pay Global was its advanced payment processing technologies.

“It was the ONLY solution that covered all our requirements as a retailer,” he says. “Take HSA/FSA cards, for example. Most POS solutions didn’t support features that are core to our business. We knew MAX Pay Global was exactly what we needed as a growing retail chain because it can cover ALL of our prerequisites for payment system upgrades, including accepting HSA/FSA cards, gift cards, PIN debit, NFC payment (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay) as well as supporting external PIN pads for a higher level of security.”

“Reduced our POS installation and deployment time by half!”

The creation of additional brick-and-mortar stores means the exciting challenge of implementing retail management systems – from software, to hardware, to payment processing and more. And as a fast expanding company, JINS greatly appreciated how simple and fast it was to install and deploy MAX Pay Global.

“With our old system, our network and POS teams encountered some difficulties setting up new stores, which of course takes up the time we could have been selling on the retail floor instead.We were happy to encounter a very streamlined integration with Microsoft Dynamics Commerce AX2012 POS and MAX Pay Global. It was very easy to install and configure, and once deployed it worked just like a transparent crystal – it functioned so smoothly, it was like we didn’t even notice it was there,” says Mario.

He adds: “With MAX Pay Global, we really liked features such as the installation wizard and the simple configuration functionality. It used to take an entire day to deploy a new POS store using our previous system. But we now have reduced our POS installation and deployment time in half. We are able to start running on a complete POS system with integrated payment processing in only three or four hours.”

A New Lens on the Perfect Solution

As JINS continues to grow their eyewear brand, factors such as fast POS store setup, payment processing features, advanced technologies and consumer trust will become even more important. Meet with Mario, and he will likely share his excitement about his company’s future and that he feels confident about not only providing high quality products but also delivering exceptional customer service at the POS. And then he would definitely add, “MAX Pay Global is the perfect solution for us.”

JINS Eyewear US, Inc. 151 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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JINS has installed Microsoft Dynamics Commerce AX2012 with TSYS’.
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