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POS Without Integrated Payment Processing? No, Thanks!

Up until just a few years ago, there was no true connectivity between retail management POS and ERP systems (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce AX2012 and eventually, Dynamics 365 Commerce) and multiple payment processors. With only one standard connector available with a retail system, retailers could not work with their preferred payment provider.

Retail Realm’s development of MAX Pay Global changed all that.

MAX Pay Global At-a-Glance

What makes MAX Pay Global especially versatile is that it caters to all types of retailers – from high-profile fashion brands and consumer goods, to vitamin and nutritional supplement stores, to liquor retail chains and specialty foods companies.

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Benefits: Processor Flexibility, Plus Advanced Functionality

Retailers not only need flexibility and choice when it comes to working with solution providers, but they also want specific features and functions that are core to their business. With this in mind, while recognizing that some payment integrations were limited to supporting basic credit card and debit card transactions, we built into MAX Pay Global advanced payment processing technologies that provide more features and options for retailers in all types of verticals.

For example, through the MAX Pay Global integration, any retailer offering club memberships (i.e., a winery) can leverage the auto-updater payment functionality to seamlessly update auto-billing for monthly memberships. This prevents interruption of customer services due to non-payment, reduces customer cancellation, and minimizes costs related to manually updating accounts.

Another example of the added MAX Pay Global functionality: If a person wants to use his FSA pharmacy card he received from his company and tries to buy bread at the local grocery store, MAX Pay Global would automatically decline the card since the food purchase was not covered under the FSA plan.

Core Microsoft Technologies

MAX Pay Global uses the following underlying Microsoft technologies: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft Visual Studio. It integrates to Dynamics 365 Commerce(all versions from Update 9) and AX2012 (R2 CU7 and R3 CU8-13). On these platforms, MAX Pay Global supports ePOS, mPOS, Cloud POS, Sales Order Processing and Call Center.

Complete Reliability & 100% Security

To adhere to the strictest privacy and safety regulations, MAX Pay Global will NOT store credit card information in a retailer’s POS terminal or payment device. This prevents issues similar to the past data breach problems and cyber-attacks that have plagued big brand retailers like Best Buy, Panera Bread, Hudson’s Bay Co., Walmart, Under Armor, and TJ Maxx. MAX Pay Global will reject any card information that is not already encrypted.

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The Solution: Filling the Gap with MAX Pay Global

The MAX Pay Global software maximizes payment processing for Dynamics 365 Commerce and AX2012. It fully integrates payment processing functionality, giving retailers around the world choice and flexibility when it comes to transacting payments at the POS.

It was developed around the core philosophy that retailers – big and small – want to buy retail management and ERP systems without worrying about connectivity to their existing payment processor or bank. Because the software supports all major payment processors, MAX Pay Global enables retailers using Dynamics 365 Commerce or AX2012 to either remain with, or switch to, their preferred processor of choice. No need to rip-and-replace all business solutions.

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Why Retailers Love MAX Pay Global…

Key Features

Unlike existing payment integrations that provide basic / limited support around credit and debit card functionality, MAX Pay Global not only offers enhanced functions but also includes additional features:

Maximize your Payment Processing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

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