Maximize Microsoft Dynamics Commerce in Retail with the MAX Software Suite

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for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Commerce │ AX2012

MAX Mobile

Mobility Suite

MAX Pay Global

Payment Processing

MAXimize your Dynamics 365 Commerce Solutions in Retail

The MAX product suite is a collection of integrated software solutions that extend Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Commerce │ AX2012 in retail. Providing a diverse range of horizontal and vertical extensions, third-party integrations, and enhancements, MAX fills critical functional requirements, enhances the base Dynamics 365 Commerce/AX2012 product, and optimizes retail businesses.

The MAX suite consists of three independent, yet optionally interconnected components: MAX Labels & Availability, MAX Mobile, and MAX Global Pay.

Extend and Enhance

MAX Labels & Availability – Extending Point-of-Sale into the retail store enterprise.

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On-The-Go Mobility Suite

MAX Mobile – Integrating back office mobile suite.

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Payment Processing Made Easy

MAX Pay Global – Providing omni-channel payment processing worldwide.

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Maximize your Payment Processing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

24 Must Haves for Payment Processing

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